Nail Art & Extension Couse

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Professional Nail Art & Extension Course In Kolkata

Do You Want To Start Your Career As A Professional Nail Artist In Kolkata? If So, You’ll Fit In Our Professional Nail Art Extension Course.
We Offer A Comprehensive Course For Aspiring Nail Technicians Who Want To Turn Their Passion For Nails Into A Nail Art Career.
This course will take you from start to finish as an expert nail technician, covering all the steps involved in turning nails into works of art.
Even If You Are A New Nail Tech, Aspiring Nail Tech, Or A Veteran Nail Technician, There Are Lots Of Things That Will Be Extremely Valuable For You!

Debasree Maitra

Nail art & extension course will empower you to understand :

  • Nail Cleaner and Treatment.
  • Products and Tools Knowledge.
  • Technique of Nail Shape
  • U V Gel Nail Extension
  • Drilling
  • Refilling and Removing

Nail Art Courses Offer By Debasree Maitra

Professional Nail Art Course

Advance Nail Art Course

  • Cat Eye Nail Art
  • Chrome Nail Art
  • Blooming Gel Nail Art
  • French Nail Art
  • Ombre Nail Art
  • Marble Nail Art
  • Matt Topcoat
  • Glossy Topcoat
  • Foil & Flex Art
  • Stamping Nail Art
  • Dotting Tool Nail Art
  • Stone Application
  • Glitter Application
  • Sticker Application
  • Self-Nail Art
  • Professional Nail Art Course
  • 3D Art
  • Spider Gel Art
  • Sweater Art